Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I would firstly, correct a spelling mistake committed by me in Round 4 in debate.org. It is "Saudi Arabia is a hardcore Muslim nation" and not "Saudi Arabia is a hardcore Musslim nation".

I have corrected it before anyone can point it out. Therefore, pls do not count it as a spelling mistake. Thank you.

You simply saying it's a weak argument is not good enough. HPV and other STDs can affet a person regardless if the people are wearing condoms. 

However, these diseases are curable and because we are very close to find cure for AIDS, vaccine for these diseases can be found out more easily. 

I don't refute points if they don't have citations backing them up. But, since you asked so nicely, I will.
I have given enough citations. I mentioned websites so pls do not make baseless allegations.

"Rape and prostitution have been compared and contrasted by many in order to make various points about these and other issues. This article primarily attempts to refute theories which ascribe a causal relationship between rape and prostitution." (3)

However, it nowhere mentions that prostitution has failed to decline the rate of r**e cases.

I ask you read the article and see for yourself.

Arguments without citations are weak arguments.

Now where is the website of this article, citation as you call it? You haven't given a site address and you claim that citation is necessary? Practice what you preach. I entered the sentence in Google like I did for causes of spread of AIDS in Africa, but could not get the site for this article of r**e.

Rebuttals V2:

1. Reasoning alone does not trump evidence. Evidence trumps any "reasoning" you may present.
If the reason is strong enough then it can alone trump evidence. If something else also is required then I want to ask that why it is required. I have also mentioned evidence as I pasted websites.

2. Trends and behavior are shown through studies where prostitution was legalized before. It shows trends among how prostitutes react when given manditory health checks. It shows many trends regarding legalied prostitution. I have evidence. You have your "reasoning" which is falliable. Again, your word is not God.
If you think that you have proof then you are being overconfident. I gave you enough reasons which are genuine. If you can't identify them or baselessly find them to be wrong then it

I am an atheist for your information so do not mention about God for matters relating to me. You should have verified that whether I believe in God or not if you were going to mention the word God in this debate. 
I had backed my words with reasons and if you cannot identify those reasons then it is not my fault. I also, never mentioned directly or indirectly that my word is God so stop making baseless allegations.

Honourable Judges, Con is continuously making spelling errors. He/She wants to avoid people noticing that so he/she is just copying and pasting from websites. This time, he/she made four errors and they are 'behavior, manditory, legalied and falliable' which should be 'behaviour, mandatory, legalized and fallible'.  
It does stand in place when you don't have any evidence backing up your claims. You, my good sir, is the person being overconfident.
I have proof and I have given you not just one but enough proofs. Therefore, do not copy my words like 'overconfident'.
Rebuttals V3:

Refer to earlier arguments

Again, reasoning does not trump evidence.
Reasons are strong enough and evidence given are baseless so hence, reasons can also trump evidence.

Rebuttals V4:

This guy is an idiot. 
Conduct point. It shows that this person is getting frustrated that he/she is not able to debate with a tough man like me and hence is making baseless allegations.

I take pity in knowing the world has someone like him who actually wants to modify modern society in a way that will harm society because his "reasoning" is absolute.

Are you looking at your crystal balls and telling us the future that it will harm the society as nowhere in the world there is an example of prostitution harming the society but rather has helped the society in reducing crime against women and number of r**e cases.
Conclusion Rebuttals:



Judges, we all know where this debate is going. He can't provide citations like I have. 

I have provided citations wherever it was necessary and if you are still blind and ignorant then I can't help it. 

A lot of my arguments have been dropped. His case is not based on evidence. It is based on opinion. 

I have given enough proofs and if you cannot see them then it is not my fault that you are blind or ignorant or both.

I feel bad knowing there is someone like this in the world.
Honourable Judges, this proves that he/she got disappointed and shocked that he/she met a tough man like me to debate with him/her as before, he/she only debated with amateurs. HAHA!!! ROFL-LOL!!!

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